2020 Derby Variety Card Pack

  • $26.95

The 'Running for the Roses' has been postponed this year to the first Saturday in September.  The Kentucky Derby brings such joy and spirit to the state of Kentucky!!   Liesl Long Chaintreuil is a Kentucky Artist and in honor of the 146th Derby (2020) has made a memorable greeting card set of 5 designs representing the jubilee of this historic event!

5 designs included:
2016 Derby, 2017 Derby, 2018 Derby, 2019 Derby, and 2020 Derby
The cards come in a greeting card white box with clear lid. Ready to gift!

This blank Greeting Card set consists on 5 different 7" (h) x 5" (w) greeting cards . These blank greeting cards are waiting for you to add a personal note to a close friend. This card makes a great Derby Party Invite, or Hostess Gift.

A collectible Item, some people frame these to remember and celebrate the excitement of the Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Cheers to Kentucky Derby 2019!

-Art by Liesl