2019 Keeneland Variety Card Pack

  • $26.95

It's Keeneland Time! Liesl Long Chaintreuil is a Kentucky Artist and in honor of Keeneland Racetrack being around for 82 years (2019) has made a memorable greeting card set of 5 designs representing the beauty of this well-known racetrack.

5 designs included:
2015 Keeneland, 2016 Keeneland, 2017 Keeneland, 2018 Keeneland, and 2019 Keeneland.
The cards come in a greeting card white box with clear lid. Ready to gift!

This blank Greeting Card set consists on 5 different 7" (h) x 5" (w) greeting cards . These blank greeting cards are waiting for you to add a personal note to a close friend. This card makes a great Derby Party Invite, or Hostess Gift.

A collectible Item, some people frame these to remember and celebrate the beauty of horse country in Lexington, Kentucky.

Cheers to Keeneland 2019!

-Art by Liesl